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On September 17, Generation Peace Academy participants turned out in force for an afternoon Peace Road event, biking around the length of the National Mall to raise awareness about the America and God’s Will rally, which would take place later that afternoon in Washington, D.C. Over 50 riders wearing bright green Peace Road shirts rode around the D.C. streets, and Andrew Love, pastor of the New Hope Family Church in Bowie, Maryland, emceed the event. 

To represent building the Peace Road in real time, a group of children assembled a Peace Road puzzle. “The kids are going to create more peace right in front of our eyes, one piece at a time,” said Pastor Love. “Imagine a world where there’s a road that connects the entire world. Imagine packing up your car and driving from here to Kiev. We’re living in a time where people are talking about division and boundaries and walls, but we’re saying, ‘No, we’re all one global family.’ That’s the heart of Peace Road.”

Former congressman John Doolittle remarked, “God raised America so we could have freedom of religion and preach that to the world. We are the only country in the world that proclaims that God is the source of our rights, although it doesn’t always feel like that right now. That’s why we want to have this symbol of unity, the Peace Road, as we celebrate this great country of America.”
Robert Cunningham and Sachika Iwamoto, participants of the Generation Peace Academy (GPA), also shared their personal stakes in the Peace Road, describing their experiences abroad doing peace work and seeing a dire need to unite people around the world.

As the Peace Road riders made their way back to the top of the National Mall, the 40th anniversary program for the Washington Monument Rally began, drawing over 4,000 people to celebrate True Father’s landmark speech. 

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